Energy label

The Jordi Stock building is a low-energy building (energy class B). There are solar panels on the southern side of the building.



Reinforced concrete, shallow foundation.

Exterior walls

Lightweight sandwich panels, partially covered with composite panels (around the entrances of rental premises).

Interior walls

The walls between rental premises are made of lightweight sandwich panels; the interior firewalls are made of stone blocks.


Profiled sheet metal on metal trusses, insulation, PVC roofing.


Windows in PVC frames, triple-glazed.


The external doors of the rental premises are glass doors in aluminium frames.
The external doors of technical rooms are insulated metal doors.
The 3.0 × 3.5 m gates/lifting doors are equipped with pedestrian gates.
The internal doors between offices and warehouse premises are metal doors.
The sanitary rooms in the offices are equipped with more moisture-proof wooden doors.

Utility networks


Gas-based heating is used in the building. All rental premises are equipped with separate autonomous gas condensing boilers. There are low hot-water radiators on the walls of the offices. The sanitary rooms are equipped with electrical floor heating. Heaters on the walls or fixed to posts in the warehouse premises.


The offices and warehouse premises are equipped with mechanical heat recovery intake and exhaust ventilation systems. All rental premises are equipped with separate autonomous ventilation devices.

Air conditioning

Southern office premises are equipped with air conditioning systems.

Water supply and sewerage

The building is connected to the central water supply and sewerage system. The system is based on remote reading; all rental premises have separate water meters.

Storm water

There is an internal pipework in the building for removal of storm water from the roof.

High current

The smaller rental premises are equipped with 32 A main circuit breakers, and the larger ones with 63 A main circuit breakers. All rental premises are equipped with remote-readable electricity meters. In addition a three-phase 400V connection is provided on each rental area.

Low current

The rental premises are prepared for installation of security system end devices. The external perimeter of the building is secured by IR camera-based video surveillance.


LED lights. Manual switching in the offices, motion sensor-based switching in the warehouse premises.

Illuminated adverts

The external façade of the building is prepared for the installation of illuminated adverts.

The finishing

Exterior walls

The lightweight sandwich panels are dark grey on the outside, and white on the inside.

Ceilings of the office premises

Modular suspended ceiling (600 × 600 mm).

Walls of the office premises

The gypsum board walls are plastered and painted – white
The lightweight sandwich panels – white
The stone masonry (clean joints) – white

Floors of the office premises

Ceramic tiles (the shades will be selected based on the interior design solutions).

Sanitary rooms

Ceramic tiles on the floors. The walls are plastered and painted with moisture-proof paint. The walls of shower rooms are covered with ceramic tiles to the height of 2.1 m from the floor. The walls behind the washbasins are covered with ceramic tiles in the extent of approx. 0.5 m. Damp proof modular suspended ceiling (600 × 600 mm, white). The colours used depend on the specific interior design solutions.

Ceilings of the warehouse premises

White profiled metal sheets, white trusses.

Walls of the warehouse premises

Natural concrete surfaces on reinforced concrete posts. White lightweight sandwich panel walls. The stone masonry (clean joints) is painted white.

Floors of warehouse premises

Natural concrete floor with a hardened surface.

Maintenance and the outdoor space

Car park

All parking places are located on the plot.

Roads, paved areas

The roads and parking areas are covered with asphalt. A paved footpath is separated from the road by curbstones.


Green areas are covered with grass.


There is a 1.5-metre fence lining the border of the plot. The entry and exit road of the territory is equipped with an automatic sliding gate.



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