Sections may be connected

If you did not find a space with the right size or if the layout is not suitable for you, be sure to let us know – if possible, we will provide a solution for you.

A limited number of two-storey offices

As a special solution and for an additional fee, we can construct a limited number of two-storey offices.

Readiness for a kitchen installation

As a special solution and for an additional fee, it is possible to install a kitchenette to the office.

VAT is added to the lease price.
The cost of building special solutions recommended by the tenant is added to the rental price.
In addition to the lease, the lessee will pay for auxiliary services provided or exchanged when using the object of the contract: water and sewerage, electricity (incl. the network fee and additional fees), domestic waste disposal, cleaning the exterior of the building (incl. snow and ice removal and snow transportation), technical maintenance, security, and other utility and auxiliary services used on the object of the contract and in the common spaces of the building (common name: accessory expenses). If the used utility and auxiliary services cannot be measured specifically, payments for these services will be made in proportion to the area used. If the lessee concludes an agreement with a service provider directly (e.g. for security or communications services), payments will be made directly to the service provider.

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